Swimming Pool

Come enjoy  the one of a kind pool area. We promise you will enjoy it whether you are a child or an adult.

Come swim some laps in our 110 square meter pool and enjoy the water and the benefits it has on your body. The pool has a temperature of 28 degrees all year round so you can also enjoy it during the winter months.

For the swimming pool and sauna area we have to charge a fee of 4.50 euros per stay and adults and children for 3.50 euros per stay and child.

Specifically, this means that the use of the sauna and bathing area must be shown separately on your bill with 19% VAT.

Therefore, if you would like to use the sauna and bathing area, we ask you to pick up the necessary keys at the reception. At the same time you will receive a bath bag with a sauna towel, a bathrobe and slippers with the key.

We are excited to see you!